22 october, 2014


Let's get personal! Six random facts you didn't know about us:

* (1) Marloes is the oldest of the two, but Marije was born only 1 minute after. 

* (2) Our names all begin with an M: our mother's name is Moniek, our father's name is Mark and our little sister's name is Miette. So you can call us the M-fab-family :)

* (3) We've lost our hearts to Barcelona & Amsterdam, we could go there for citytrips every month. These are the only cities we could see ourselves move to someday.

* (4) Marije never broke any bones or hasn't got any serious injuries (not even a scar) but Marloes on the other hand broke nearly every bone. She even broke here middlefinger, which led to very funny situations.

* (5) We really really really love Sex and the City, this is the only TV-show we watched a billion times and we abso-f*cking-lutely can't get enough of it!

* (6) Probably the most-asked twin question ever: "Do you fancy the same guys?" No, we don't and if you want to know: we never kissed the same guy either. Luckily!

Marloes & MJ

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