May 3, 2015
                                            Our first Oreo McFlurry, so yummie!                             Self-made snack in Oslo.                                                                         

   Our visit to the opera, really detailed               Our reflection in the opera building 
               building! You should visit it!                   windows with our friend who we were visiting.
We went to a local flea market, really cosy.     We even took pictures while waiting for the
     We also did a little bit of thrift shopping. Our friend found these Adidas shoes in one of 
     those second hand stores and what an awesome jacket on the right!
 While fitting clothes in the Monki, we took            This pic was taken on the roof of the opera.
     the time to make this crazy pic. Check our          We did a little jump and this is the result,         
     mirror reflection.                                             cool isn't it?
      This last photo was taken at a party where everyone was able to take neon paint, it was such a fun experience. We already want to go back and we hope our friend will soon be home again.

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